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Shaping Hamilton County's Future: A Lifelong Resident's Vision

Adam Koehler’s diverse educational background, encompassing the arts, business, and real estate, mirrors his professional journey as a startup expert and entrepreneur. This blend of creative insight and business acumen fuels his passion for nurturing educational and business development in Hamilton County. Adam’s commitment is to leverage his experiences to foster a supportive environment for aspiring entrepreneurs and students, aligning education with emerging industry needs to drive economic growth and innovation in the county.

Governance is about serving the community's heart. It's about ensuring that every resident has fair access to opportunities and resources.

Adam is committed to this principle of true representation. He prioritizes the needs and daily challenges of his constituents, aiming to bring tangible improvements to their lives in Hamilton County.

Issues championed


Public Safety

Uniting for a Safer Hamilton County: Addressing Public Safety with Community Collaboration

Adam Koehler is committed to tackling Hamilton County’s concerning crime rates with a fresh approach. He advocates for a united front, bringing together law enforcement and community members to foster safety and hope. Recognizing that crime often stems from hopelessness, Adam believes in nurturing the community’s inherent goodness and creating opportunities for all to thrive. His vision is to transform Hamilton County into a safer, more hopeful place for its residents.

If we want to make our city safer, we have to work together. We can’t expect the police department to solve the problem alone. We deserve to live in a community that works to prevent crime, not just one that reacts to it. It’s time to stop the cycle of poverty, hopelessness, and violence by working with our communities to create safer spaces for all.


Redefining Education: Nurturing Future Entrepreneurs and Tradespeople in Hamilton County

As a Hamilton County Commissioner, Adam Koehler envisions an educational shift focusing on practical skillsets for the future workforce. His goal is to transform schools into centers not just for academic learning but for comprehensive career preparation, emphasizing the importance of vocational training.

By fostering partnerships with trade organizations, small business owners, schools and our young people, Adam’s initiative aims to integrate essential trades such as plumbing, electrical, and HVAC into the curriculum, meeting the demand for skilled professionals and supporting Cincinnati’s economic growth.


Building a Prosperous Future: Economic Resilience and Technological Leadership in Hamilton County

Economic Empowerment

Adam Koehler is dedicated to fostering economic growth and stability across Hamilton County. Understanding the challenges faced by residents from diverse economic backgrounds, including the middle class and those on the west side where he was raised, Adam’s approach focuses on enhancing financial accessibility and development for everyone. His strategies involve improving access to essential banking services and fostering a supportive economic environment that enables all community members to chase their aspirations and secure a prosperous future.

Technological Innovation & Job Growth

Adam Koehler advocates for integrating cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and AI into Hamilton County’s strong industries, such as supply chain logistics and aerospace. By leveraging these technologies, Adam aims to revolutionize these sectors, enhancing efficiency, transparency, and innovation. This approach not only positions Hamilton County as a leader in tech-forward economic development but also promises to create high-quality jobs and foster a resilient economic environment for all residents.


Support for Local Small Business Growth

Adam Koehler is committed to fostering a small business-friendly environment in Ohio as a County Commissioner. He emphasizes the importance of supporting local businesses and aims to simplify the process for entrepreneurs to set up businesses, reducing bureaucratic obstacles. Koehler plans to reform licensing and taxation for small businesses, seeking to decrease the costs of obtaining licenses and lower corporate, commercial rental, and local trade taxes. This initiative is designed to make Ohio a more attractive and cost-effective place for businesses to operate and create jobs across various skill levels.

Adam Koehler is dedicated to boosting Hamilton County’s economy and job market through tax cuts for small businesses and personal income tax relief. He supports investing in Ohio’s Future Initiative for infrastructure and broadband expansion and overall aiding small businesses competitiveness. Koehler prioritizes small business financing and innovative banking and advocates for technological advances in logistics, healthcare, and finance. His vision is for Hamilton County to become a business destination, leveraging innovation, a skilled workforce, and hard work to grow the county and region.


Housing for a Thriving Hamilton County

Adam Koehler aims to navigate Hamilton County’s housing challenges by leveraging his extensive real estate background. He focuses on fostering community support without strictly relying on “affordable housing” terminology, aligning with both market-driven solutions and the need for community cohesion. His strategies intend to resonate across political spectrums, emphasizing free-market approaches and minimal government intervention, aiming for a balanced solution that addresses housing needs while fostering economic growth and community well-being.

Adam Koehler recognizes the impact of the recent significant property tax increases in Hamilton County. With his deep understanding of real estate and economic dynamics, he is committed to addressing this challenge head-on. Koehler’s strategy involves exploring innovative financial solutions and policy adjustments to relieve the tax burden on homeowners while ensuring the county’s financial health and the delivery of essential services. His approach aims to find a balance that supports the community’s needs without compromising its economic stability.

  1. Encouraging the private sector to increase housing supply through tax incentives and simplified zoning laws.
  2. Fostering public-private partnerships for innovative housing solutions.
  3. Streamlining regulations to quicken housing project developments.
  4. Promoting vocational training to address the construction skills gap, providing job opportunities.
  5. Ensuring development projects align with community character and needs, incorporating resident feedback.

Revitalizing Mental Health Care for a Stronger Hamilton County

In Ohio, where 25% of individuals face mental healthcare needs, there’s a critical gap in accessible care and support. This shortfall isn’t just a health issue; it directly impacts the community’s productivity and ability to work effectively.

Adam’s approach to mental health care in Hamilton County is about more than providing services; it’s about fostering a community where every individual can be productive and contribute to a thriving economy.

As a Hamilton County Commissioner candidate, Adam Koehler recognizes the profound connection between mental health and economic vitality. His plan focuses on:

  1. Workforce Reintegration through Mental Health Support: Adam prioritizes mental health as a key factor in getting people back into the workforce. By improving access to mental health services, individuals are better equipped to contribute effectively to the economy.
  2. Training First Responders and Employers: Understanding the initial contact in mental health crises is often with first responders or employers. Adam advocates for their training in identifying and managing mental health issues. This approach aims to create supportive environments in workplaces and communities.
  3. Public-Private Partnerships for Mental Health Services: Adam proposes collaboration between the government and private sectors to expand psychiatric care facilities and therapy services. This strategy ensures cost-effective and widespread access to mental health care, benefiting both individuals and the broader economy.
  4. Addressing Stigma in the Community: Through educational initiatives, Adam seeks to transform public perceptions of mental health, emphasizing its importance to overall well-being and productivity. A community that understands and supports mental health is more resilient and economically robust.

Creating a responsible and prosperous Ohio is the top priority and fundamental goal for Adam Koehler. His commitment to his state and his community is unwavering. His passion for justice, equality, and accessibility has earned him the respect of his peers and competitors.

We invite you to join Adam Koehler and create a brighter future for Ohio.

Vote for Adam Koehler as Hamilton County Commissioner on November 5th.

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