About Adam Koehler

Adam’s beliefs

Adam identifies as a fiscally conservative Republican but is socially conscious in his political views. He is a proud Catholic, member and communications chair of Legatus who works to live ethical Christian values every day and respects the opinions and lifestyles of others. In 2018, Adam and his wife Melissa were married at the Vatican in Italy by their priest who now teaches at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary in the district Adam is currently working to represent.

Growing up in the city and attending SCPA taught him the value of a diverse community in many ways. Creativity, talent, and inspiration must come from a variety of lifestyles and backgrounds. Every great city is open to contributions from all citizens, and no one’s talent and potential should be held back or left out. His experience as a designer and serial entrepreneur informs his values of hard work, artistic experimentation, and financial acumen.

As a proud American and Cincinnatian, Adam works tirelessly to empower the communities that make up the backbone of the state of Ohio. His long-term vision is to give his constituents the support they need to build the life of their dreams with the right education, opportunities, and financial stability.

Adam Koehler and Kyle Koehler at KK Tool

Public service is in his blood

Adam Koehler comes from a family dedicated to serving the constituents of the state of Ohio. His cousin, Kyle Koehler, has served as an Ohio State Representative. Adam shares Kyle’s love for community service, and faith and is dedicated to championing the members of his constituency. Adam personally understands the key issues plaguing his community and the needs of the people in Cincinnati and wishes to continue the work his family has committed to the State.

Adam’s political vision
and goals


As part of his political vision, Adam hopes to address the most pressing concerns within his constituency today, which include –

  • Affordability and availability of housing rentals.
  • Quality of education and workforce preparedness.
  • Ease of starting and running small businesses in the State of Ohio.
  • State fiscal stability and economic growth.
  • Support and access to mental health care for all citizens.
  • Identifying and reducing crippling addiction-related issues

Born into an economically disadvantaged background, Adam understands the challenges of living in a world where inflation can devastate a household. The US Government’s irresponsible spending patterns, money-printing, and heavy-handed lockdown policies have put the country at risk of recession.

We need an Ohio State Representative who understands how economic decisions can impact our most at-risk citizens – especially in the cities – where the cost of living is significantly higher compared to that in the other areas. We face unique issues that many people who did not grow up in an urban environment may not understand.

Another issue close to Adam’s heart is healthcare. During the Coronavirus pandemic, many Ohioans from this district experienced immense financial and mental hardships seeking medical services and timely care. Rising costs of healthcare, transportation issues, hospital crowding, and lack of factual information were just too much. Our communities need to be better prepared to face unexpected healthcare and financial traumas.–

  • Difficulty paying rents or mortgages.
  • Problems purchasing food & gas.
  • Missing utility payments for homes and businesses.
  • Conflicting policies from all levels of government.
  • Politically charged drama and misinformation.

Adam was particularly struck by the economic disparity that these problems impacted Ohioans from challenged communities. He has been working with local leaders, institutions, and businesses to find ways to mitigate the financial blows faced by marginalized individuals of all ethnic backgrounds. Tough times impact all of us and as a community, we need to stand together, behind strong leaders that have experienced the pain and struggle life can present. It’s hard to fix these issues if you’ve never lived them and Adam certainly has.

passion for education
the youth


Adam is proud to serve on the Funding Board of the School for the Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA), a local arts institution in Cincinnati. His association with the school has enabled them to increase public donations and garner more community support for their events and students.

One of his donations to the school included an Ethereum crypto mining rig that is making the school money on a daily basis. He also sits on the advisory board at the University of Cincinnati for their new cryptoeconomics program.

The Kautz-Uible Cryptoeconomics Lab Advisory Board brings together corporate and community partners to provide insight into blockchain technology trends. Representing a wide range of industries and cross-disciplinary expertise, board members provide guidance to researchers, staff, and students of the lab.

He is also actively involved in developing new computer art major at the school for creative students who want to follow the same path that brought him success.

Adam is also a graduate of the school attending from 1988 until his graduation from the commercial arts and drama programs in 1995.

A grand vision for


Adam hopes to reduce the bureaucratic burden placed on small businesses and make both setting-up and business maintenance/growth significantly easier. In fact, Adam is a serial entrepreneur and has founded the co-working space CovWorx, a digital advertising agency Reversed Out Creative, and in 2008 co-founded the Cincinnati company Dotloop. It is a digital real estate software that hired hundreds of people and sold to Zillow Group for $108 million in 2015. This brought much-needed venture capital attention to the Cincinnati area for future startups.

Adam helped to put his city on the startup map and shares his knowledge by speaking at local events frequently. Topics include real estate and digital currency. Adam is considered a local leader in the blockchain space and organized the first crypto even in the Midwest Called D4C. He also works to build new companies here in Cincinnati focused on the topic of using blockchain technology and making Cincinnati an innovation hub. For two years he has used his Side Hustle City podcast as an opportunity to share stories of entrepreneurs who have come from humble beginnings and done great things. Here’s the first episode where you can learn more about Adam and his hope for his community.

Adam also understands the unique challenges and opportunities available for entrepreneurs in the market. He hopes to make things easier for fellow entrepreneurs by actively championing business ownership and more inclusive founding teams. We need a dynamic entrepreneurship culture in Ohio, particularly Cincinnati, in addition to adopting future-focused technologies.

Adam deeply understands the workings and potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency. He believes adopting these future-focused technologies can help the Cincinnati region become one of the most powerful technological hubs of the Midwest. Additionally, given the incredible (and increasing) value of web3 tech today, Adam believes that supporting crypto and blockchain integration into businesses can open up tremendous opportunities to small businesses and investors alike.

In fact, Adam has leveraged the high potential of cryptocurrency to help support his alma mater, SCPA. To help the school get more creative and academic support, Adam donated a cryptocurrency mining rig to the University of Cincinnati. All funds generated through Ethereum mining by UC will be donated to SCPA. The goal of fundraising at the school is to finance the production of 259 performances, fund the repairs of 254 student instruments and provide ballet shoes for 1000 dance students. Adam was recently featured in a Reuters article as an investor in a mining operation that provides people in rural parts of Kentucky jobs.

Watch Adam’s presentation to the National Real Estate Investors Association.

Investing in the future of
Ohio with smart taxation


Ohio State Representative candidate Adam Koehler is a firm believer in the power of smart tax utilization. Once in Government, one of his main priorities is to maximize the positive impact of tax and reduce wasteful spending. Adam will work in Columbus to primarily impact District 24, while also keeping a critical eye on state ventures.

Adam’s goal is for the State to maximize the tax collected into projects that can multiply the money for the public. Our citizens deserve better infrastructure, transportation, mental health care amenities, and education that will activate all communities. The impact of this smart taxation should have positive effects on Adam’s objectives to:

  • Alleviate poverty.
  • Reduce incidences of crime.
  • Offer better academic and professional opportunities.
  • Provide adequate health care support.
  • Offer affordable and accessible housing.
  • Improve the general wellbeing of all District 24 and Ohio state citizens.

Adam’s maxim is to stay economically cautious while being judicious in public investment for the happiness and wellbeing of his constituents.