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About Adam Koehler

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Ensuring Value for Every Tax Dollar in Hamilton County

Adam Koehler stands committed to guaranteeing that every tax dollar in Hamilton County is spent with the utmost efficiency and transparency, addressing a primary concern among residents about the wasteful expenditure of their hard-earned money. His platform is built on the principle of fiscal prudence, ensuring that government operations are streamlined, accountable, and deliver tangible benefits to the community.

Fiscal Prudence and Accountability

Adam proposes rigorous budget oversight and a stringent audit process for all county expenditures, aiming to cut down on inefficient spending and redirect funds towards services and initiatives that produce returns. He emphasizes the importance of fiscal discipline in government, pledging to scrutinize every budget line to eliminate waste and ensure that taxpayer money is used effectively.

Investing in Essential Services

Understanding the critical role of essential services in maintaining the quality of life in Hamilton County, Adam advocates for strategic investment in public safety, education, and infrastructure. He is dedicated to ensuring that these areas are not only adequately funded but are also managed efficiently to maximize the impact of every dollar spent.

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Championing Fiscal Responsibility, Economic Growth, and Community Engagement

Transparency and Public Involvement

Adam believes in the power of transparency to rebuild trust between the government and the citizens it serves. He commits to making the county’s budgeting process more accessible and understandable to the public, encouraging community input and participation in fiscal decisions.

Promoting Economic Growth to Broaden the Tax Base

A cornerstone of Adam’s fiscal strategy is to stimulate economic growth, thereby broadening the tax base without increasing the tax burden on individual residents. By attracting new businesses and supporting the expansion of existing ones, Adam plans to increase employment opportunities, boost local revenues, and ensure a more stable financial future for Hamilton County.

A Pledge to Fiscal Responsibility

Adam Koehler’s dedication to fiscal responsibility, efficiency in government spending, and transparent operations resonates with residents tired of seeing their tax dollars wasted. His vision for Hamilton County is one where the government works smarter, not just harder, to deliver services that meet the needs of its residents without compromising on financial sustainability.

Adam’s political vision
and goals


Tackling Hamilton County’s Key Challenges with Conservative Principles
Adam Koehler is devoted to confronting Hamilton County’s pressing issues with a blend of conservative values and innovative solutions, emphasizing:

Housing and Tax Relief: Adam prioritizes making housing more affordable and accessible, while also addressing the recent steep property tax increases. Leveraging his real estate expertise, he proposes market-driven solutions and policy reforms to alleviate the tax burden on residents and ensure homeowners can afford their properties.

Education and Skilled Workforce: Adam champions enhancing education and workforce development, recognizing the importance of a skilled workforce for economic resilience and growth. He supports vocational training and partnerships with local businesses to prepare residents for high-demand jobs.

Entrepreneurial Support: Fostering a conducive environment for small businesses is critical for Adam. He advocates for cutting red tape and providing tax incentives to encourage local entrepreneurship, aiming to boost economic activity and job creation.

Economic Stability and Growth: Ensuring fiscal responsibility and promoting policies that stimulate economic development are cornerstones of Adam’s platform. He is committed to prudent financial management and strategies that attract investment to Hamilton County.

Mental Health and Addiction Services: Adam is determined to expand access to mental health and addiction services, understanding the profound impact of these issues on families and communities. He plans to work closely with local organizations and healthcare providers to enhance support networks.

Personal Connection and Understanding: Coming from a background of economic hardship, Adam deeply understands the struggles many face in Hamilton County, especially amid rising inflation and fiscal mismanagement at higher government levels. This personal experience fuels his commitment to advocate for policies that protect the county’s most vulnerable and ensure a prosperous future for all residents.

Adam Koehler stands ready to represent Hamilton County with a vision rooted in conservative values, aiming to address today’s challenges while laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s success.

passion for education


Adam is proud to serve on the Funding Board of the School for the Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA), a local arts institution in Cincinnati. His association with the school has enabled them to increase public donations and garner more community support for their events and students.

One of his donations to the school included an Ethereum crypto mining rig to help the students learn and provide some economic benefit. He also sits on the advisory board at the University of Cincinnati for their new cryptoeconomics program.

The Kautz-Uible Cryptoeconomics Lab Advisory Board brings together corporate and community partners to provide insight into blockchain technology trends. Representing a wide range of industries and cross-disciplinary expertise, board members provide guidance to researchers, staff, and students of the lab.

Adam is also a graduate of SCPA, attending from 1988 until his graduation from the commercial arts and drama programs.

A grand vision for


Adam will work to reduce the bureaucratic burden placed on small businesses and make setup, maintenance, and growth significantly easier. In fact, Adam is a serial entrepreneur and has founded the co-working space CovWorx, a digital advertising agency Reversed Out Creative, and in 2008 co-founded Dotloop, a digital real estate software company that has employed thousands and was sold to Zillow Group for $108 million in 2015. This brought much-needed venture capital attention to the Cincinnati area for future startups.

Adam helped put his city on the startup map and shares his knowledge by speaking at local events frequently. Topics include real estate, marketing, and economic development. Adam is considered a local leader in the blockchain space and organized the first crypto event in the Midwest called D4C. He also works to build new companies here in Cincinnati, focusing on the topic of using blockchain technology and making Cincinnati an innovation hub. For two years, he has used his Side Hustle City podcast as an opportunity to share stories of entrepreneurs who have come from humble beginnings and done great things. Here’s the first episode where you can learn more about Adam and his hope for his community.

Adam also understands the unique challenges and opportunities available for entrepreneurs in the market. He will work to make things easier for fellow entrepreneurs by actively championing business ownership and more inclusive founding teams. We need a dynamic entrepreneurship culture in Ohio, particularly Cincinnati, in addition to adopting future-focused technologies.

Adam believes adopting future-focused technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain can help the Cincinnati region become one of the most powerful technological hubs in the Midwest. Additionally, given the incredible (and increasing) value of web3 technology today, Adam believes that supporting local businesses can open up tremendous opportunities for small businesses and investors alike.

Watch Adam’s presentation to the National Real Estate Investors Association.

Investing in the future of
Hamilton County


Adam Koehler’s campaign for Hamilton County Commissioner focuses on prudent fiscal management and strategic tax utilization to foster community growth. He pledges to rigorously oversee budget allocations, ensuring tax dollars work harder for the citizens of Hamilton County. Koehler aims to invest in projects that yield tangible benefits, such as bolstering infrastructure and enhancing public services, reflecting a commitment to fiscal responsibility and community welfare.

His strategy encompasses a comprehensive approach to elevate essential services—improving transportation, expanding access to mental health care, and supporting educational initiatives that empower all community segments. Adam envisions a Hamilton County where efficient tax spending catalyzes meaningful improvements, demonstrating his dedication to maximizing community resources and minimizing inefficiency.

A Commitment to Smart Tax Utilization:

  • Alleviate poverty.
  • Reduce the incidence of crime.
  • Offer better academic and professional opportunities.
  • Promotion of trades.
  • Provide adequate health care support.
  • Offer a wider range of accessible housing.
  • Improve the general wellbeing of Hamilton County, Ohio, citizens.

Adam’s guiding principle is to exercise economic prudence while making thoughtful public investments to ensure the happiness and well-being of his constituents.